ROLMphone 624- Gray


ROLMphone 624- Gray, ROLMPHONE 624 GRAY, 66108

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  • 11 telephone lines
  • 24 Feature Buttons total, including lines, and 22 LEDs
  • Modular - supports two bay options plus one Keyboard Expansion Option
  • Programmable dialing, redialing, and speed dialing
  • One way speaker for on-hook and intercom dialing, plus call monitoring
  • Conference calling for up to eight parties, including two external callers
  • Various ringing tones to distinguish nearby lines from one another
  • Call forwarding, transferring and waiting
  • Adjustable volume
  • Muting for private side conversations
  • Call parking allows you to pick up calls and put them on hold at other extensions
  • Do not disturb and other privacy features

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