The CMS Commitment…

Our Warranty

CMS Communications, Inc. will replace, free of charge, any failed component 1 year or less from the date of shipment. The remedy for any failure shall be limited to replacement of the same or like part, based upon availability and the customer’s service requirements. We will work with you to ensure that products are replaced in the most expeditious manner possible.

CMS has implemented several procedures to help track product warranties. Components are labeled with a barcode number used to monitor each product from the time it enters inventory until it is shipped to the customer. This information allows both CMS and it’s customers to effectively obtain product information.

Our Quality Assurance

CMS goes to great lengths to ensure that every product sold operates according to the original manufacturers’ specifications.

Prior to shipment, all products are thoroughly tested using a lab switch to guarantee that our equipment will function to and above customers’ expectations.

In addition, there is a toll-free number to provide customers with immediate assistance and technical support should there be any problems with your purchase.

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