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The smart, reliable business cloud phone system

Unify business calls, SMS, fax and more in a single, intuitive application - powered by AI - across all devices.

Happy business man on a phone call.


One number for calls, texts and faxes.

Features for every use case.


Live transcripts, call summaries, action items, sentiments and more.

Voicemail transcription.


Set up and onboard in minutes.

Build workflows around voice, SMS and contact management with ease, no technical skills required.

Deeply integrated

300+ pre built integrations, including popular CRMs.

Richest calling experience for Microsoft Teams.

Reliable & trusted

5 year track-record of 99.9999% uptime in 46 countries.

Globally recognized security and privacy 3rd party certifications.

Features that elevate team and customer interactions

Toll-Free and Vanity Numbers

Transfer or create new dedicated 800 or vanity numbers for different marketing and business needs.

Local Numbers

Select local telephone numbers in any location and establish yourself as a local business.


Streamline repetitive tasks to boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

Interactive Virtual Response

Easily create a call menu that directs callers automatically to the right service or department.

Call Recording & Analytics

Records calls for review and provides call data insights.

Call Routing & Queue Management

Smartly routes calls and manages high call volumes. 

Whisper, Monitor, Barge-In

Supervisors can guide, listen or join calls as needed.

Heads-Up Display

Popular with receptionists and executive admins, HUD shows real-time call and agent status for quick decision-making.

Call Delegation

Allows users to handle calls on behalf of others.

AI Powered Video Meetings & Conferencing

Video meetings made simple, with AI enhancing in-meeting interactions and comprehensive post-meeting recaps

Employees participating in a video conference.


In-meeting transcriptions and closed captions.

Post-meeting summaries, highlights and transcripts.

Rich Collaboration

Unlimited interactive whiteboard.

Collaborate on meeting notes.

Seamless Switching

One-click desktop/mobile switch.

Elevate from phone call to video.

Secure Meetings

Dynamic end-to-end encryption.

Waiting rooms and host controls.

Join From Anywhere

Full featured desktop and mobile browser experience.

Powerful mobile app experience.

CMS offers RingCentral Implementation and Support Services.

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