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Zoom Contact Center

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Omnichannel Contact Center

Zoom Contact Center helps businesses deliver prompt, accurate and highly personalized customer experiences that drive loyalty.

Happy Contact Center agents.

Redefine your customer engagement with Zoom Contact Center

Intelligent Self-Service and Routing

Provide instant, accurate resolutions 24/7 and reduce call volume with a conversational AI chatbot.

One Experience for Unified Communications and Contact Center

Easily reach back-office experts while engaging with customers.

Video Optimized High-Touch Engagements

Built-in video helps you solve issues faster with screen share, file share and chat.

Provide intelligent self-service with Zoom Virtual Agent

Customer engaging with a Zoom virtual agent.

Boost your CSAT score

Our chatbot AI accurately understands what your customers are asking, regardless of how it's worded.

Improve first-contact resolution

Provide highly specific responses by integrating with your CRM, e-commerce systems and all your company's sources of truth content

Drive faster resolution

Seamless handoff with chat history so agents can efficiently take over where the AI chatbot left off.

Solve issues fast and efficiently with a video-optimized CCaaS

Drive customer loyalty

Provide high-touch personalized customer engagement with a rich video meeting experience.

Engage with your customers in new ways

Agents can easily elevate a chat or voice interaction to a video call to improve the customer interaction

Improve agent experience

Use screen share, file share and chat to solve queries quickly and efficiently.

Zoom contact center agent on a video chat with a customer.

Gain insights to optimize your contact center performance

User viewing contact center analytics.

Optimize contact center efficiency

Receive alerts of your KPIs with a comprehensive dashboard for real-time and historical reporting

Improve customer satisfaction

Manage, monitor and measure agent productivity and customer service levels

Proactively make improvements

Monitor activity in real-time for your queues, agents, current interactions, active calls, duration, average hold time and more.

Cloud contact center software built for flexibility and efficiency

Build with ease using the visual IVR system

Provision phone numbers and program a contact center flow in minutes using drag-and-drop modules in our no-code interactive voice response designer.  Automate customer engagement with automatic speech recognition, recordings and text-to-speech.

Streamline your call center workflows

Improve agent productivity and customer engagement by seamlessly integrating business applications.  Use our out-of-the-box integrations with platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk and ServiceNow.

Design your contact center for efficiency

Create call routing profiles and assign them to your queues in the no-code IVR designer, to ensure your customers are routed to the most qualified set of agents, on the first try.  Routing profiles route engagements based on a prioritized combination of previously-created skills.

Measure and improve call center performance with analytics

A comprehensive dashboard for real-time and historical reporting with built-in analytics, provide clear insights that help supervisors improve agent performance and customer engagement. Understand your contact center's service levels, wait times, call volumes and more.

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