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Ooma AirDial POTS Line Replacement

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Save money with an all-in-one POTS replacement solution.

Local Fire Emergency Call Box.

Ooma AirDial enables organizations to save money, and keep using critical alarm, safety, building access and fax systems by migrating from copper-based phone lines to an intelligent all-in-one solution that runs on a hassle-free wireless network.

Ooma AirDial is ideal for:

  Security Alarm Panels

  Fire Alarm Panels

  Elevator Phones

  Public Safety Phones

  Building Entry Phones

  Essential Phone Lines

  Fax Machines

  Backup Phone Service

Ooma AirDial Device

All-Inclusive Solution

  • Solve all POTS challenges with one provider - hardware, data, and phone service with no monthly rate "surprises".

Tremendous Value

  • Save money on monthly phone bills.


  • Built with applicable guidelines of UL, NFPA 72, California Fire Marshal and ASME A17.1B in mind.

Simple Migration

  • Provides a quick, easy migration and organizations can keep using existing systems.

DIY or Turnkey Installation

  • Deploy yourself; or receive end-to-end project management from assessment to installation and support.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Configure to provide LTE failover for mission critical VoIP lines.

Remotely Managed

  • Get automatic software updates and system monitoring.

Increase Visibility

  • Manage all locations and devices using an intuitive web portal.  Get SMS and email alerts should outages occur or when batteries are low.

Battery Backup

  • Backup battery maintains service for at least eight hours during an unforeseen outage.

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